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Documents and equipment for rental cars

Documents and equipment for rental cars
What i need to know when renting a car in Bulgaria

Documents and equipment for rental cars

In this post, we will introduce you what equipment must have in your rental cars, after getting acquainted with the requirements for the user of the rental car There are not many necessary things, but is important to have them in the car, otherwise you might go out of the law.

Rental Cars documents

When you accept the rented vehicle it is important to check the correctness of the documents of the car and the additional equipment.

The documents, that you must receive from your rent a car agent are as follow:

  1. Car registration certificate – part 2 (also known as “talon”;
  2. Technical test certificate (talon) – also known as “GTP”
  3. Sticker on the front window and counterfoil with serial number on it, with paid tax to the Guaranty fund of the Public insurance.
  4. Insurance note on paper for the Third party liability.

These are the mandatory documents by the law that every participant in the driving network in Bulgaria must have.


Car registration certificate – part 2

The Car registration certificate proves that the car is registered from your rent a car provider in Traffic police. In this certificate is published (shown) basic and important technical information for the rented vehicle. They’re like thatEngine capacity, horse power, fuel, load capacity, etc. Also the owner and the user (it he/she is different from the owner) of the car.

Technical certificate

The technical test certificate proves, that the vehicle has passed technical tests and is drive safety. The technical test of the cars in Bulgaria is made periodically, as the certificate is issued for a certain period. To have a valid sertificate is one of the rules for driving a car in Bulgaria, which you can learn in our next post. That is why, it is so important to check the end date and validity of this certificate. You do not to take the vehicle, if the certificate is not valid (period is over). We can give you the same advice regarding to the validity term of the

Third party liability insurance

This is the Public insurance and the paid tax to the Guaranty fund. It’s obligatory, whenever you take the rented vehicle to check its validity. You do not have to drive the rental cars if it is no longer valid. We advise you to check the validity of the technical certificate and the insurance for third parties. In case their term expires during the rental, specify with your car rental agent how he will send you the new documents. We make a point to you, that the insurance can be renewed while you are using the vehicle. The renewing of the technical sertificate of the vehicle must pass examination and test of its main systems. The test take a short time. However it has to be predicted and planned, because it may ruin your vacation plan. These are the mandatory documents demand by the law in Bulgaria.

Rental cars equipment

Beside all the listed documents above, the rent a car vehicle must be equipped with:

  1. Fire extinguisher;
  2. Signal vest;
  3. Reflecting triangle;
  4. First aid kit.

Check the presence of all this items in the rented vehicle. If something is missing, you can demand it from you rent a car agent to be supplied. We hope you find the information useful. If you have any questions, you can ask them to the team of M Rent a car for Bulgaria, on our e-mail or in another way convenient for you. You will find our coordinates on our website, or on our Facebook page MRent-a-car.

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