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What to visit in Plovdiv for a day

What to visit in Plovdiv for a day

Plovdiv is a city with a thousand-year history, which is the reason for its rich cultural heritage.

Nowadays, the city is located on the territory of several settlements that have existed since ancient times. The different people inhabiting their territories have left their legacy to our contemporaries.

This is exactly what makes Plovdiv a particularly preferred destination for city holidays, combined with cultural tourism. Interesting sights are the Ancient Theater, the Main street, and the Old Town. We recommend you to visit also the restored remains of the Roman aqueducts. Through them the old town was supplied with water from the Rhodopes Mountain.

The Ancient Theater of Philippopolis

The ancient theater in Plovdiv was built during the Roman period of the city, which began around 40th year A.C. During this period the city was called Philippopolis. Various finds show that the theater was built around 90 of the first century. At that time the city was ruled by a descendant of the Thracian dynasty – Titus Flavius Cotis. The ancient theater consists of 28 rows for the spectators. It is built of marble and is one of the most significant and preserved amphitheaters left from the era of the Roman Empire.

The Old Town of Plovdiv

The architectural reserve “Old Town” in Plovdiv is located on the highest part of the three hills: Nebet Tepe, Dzhambaz Tepe and Taksim Tepe. There you will find many architectural styles. The houses typical for the Bulgarian Revival will impress every visitor. Ancient Roman architectural remains will make you feel the grandeur of the eternal glory of an empire. The impression left by the Old Town is a combination of cultures, colors and moods – just choose yours.

Old Town Plovdiv

The Main street

Main street Plovdiv

Next to the old town is today’s main street of Plovdiv. It intertwines Baroque, Renaissance and modern times. The direct streets with their cobblestones and the nearby houses create a memorable experience. As if strung like amber beads on a rosary, colorful houses will attract your attention.

Regional Natural History Museum of Plovdiv

Walking around, immersed in the timelessness of eternity, you imperceptibly reach the Regional Museum of Natural History. You should definitely take a look at its rich exposure. You will see exhibits from around the world, exhibited in several systematized halls. Minerals, Botany, Fish, Amphibians, Invertebrates, Paleontology, Mammals, Birds … the variety is really huge.

Plovdiv is ancient, but also modern. An annual International Technical fair is held here. The fair city is also used for several other exhibitions. The modern city center with its parks, Singing fountains and many other interesting things is a real magnet for young people.

Plovdiv-Ancient and Modern

Plovdiv is a city with many faces that you will remember forever!

Plovdiv is waiting for you!