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What I need to know for rent a car in Bulgaria

What I need to know for rent a car in Bulgaria
What I need to know - Who can rent a car

Rent a car in Bulgaria? What I need to know!

Probably each of us has traveled abroad and used rent-a-car service. We, the team of M Rent-a-car, decided to share with you our experience in car rental management. We hope this helps you make the right decision when choosing a car rental provider.

With this post we start a short series, which we hope will be useful to you. In case you do not have to rent a car, at least you will be informed and you will be able to help your friends who need car rental.

Here are some of the important car rental issues (problems) that we will introduce to you:

  1. Requirements for the rentee;
  2. What documents do I need to have to hire a car;
  3. Age restrictions to get a car hire;
  4. What documents should they hand over to me when i take the car rental;
  5. What equipment should be included in the car rental;
  6. Driving rules in Bulgaria;
  7. How can I pay the rental price of the car rental;
  8. What is included in the rental price;
  9. Guarantee deposit – why should I provide it;
  10. Liability of the clients in case of damage and excess;
  11. Picking-Up rent a car and signing a contract;
  12. Return of the car and release of the deposit.

Who can rent a car?

Each car rental company has different requirements for its clients, but the basic ones are the same. The minimum requirement to rent a car is to have valid personal documents – ID card or passport, driving license, credit (debit) card. Some car rental companies may not accept debit cards and are requiring a credit card. It is also possible for some car rental companies to accept payments of the rental price in cash, but it is very likely that they will require a credit card for guarantee deposit.

What is the minimum age, so I can rent a car?

Many car rental companies have requirements for the age of the rentee, as well as for additional drivers who can drive the rented vehicle. The minimum requirement is that you have reached the age of 18. This is the age at which you become an adult in Bulgaria and you can have a driver’s license.

It is possible to face limitations if you are under the age of 21 and with a driving experience of less than one year. In these cases, you will probably have to pay an additional fee for a young driver.  Some car rental companies apply a mixed option – no additional fee for a young driver, but then they require an additional fee for Discharge of liability in case of damage.

Personally, we would advise you to choose the latter option. This way you will have the peace of mind that you are not responsible for damage to the rental car. You may be limited in the classes of cars you can rent. For example, to be able to rent a car only from the lower classes.

If you want to be informed when looking for a car rental, we advise you to clarify all these issues with your preferred company in advance. And if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask the team of M Rent-a-car.

In the next post, you will get acquainted with the required documents and equipment for car rental

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